Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Jane Mount + An Ode to Books

There's something about the way books line up so beautifully on shelves advertising their subjects so blatantly from their spines. I love looking at bookshelves (as you may know). I love the color and graphic mix of them all lined up. I just love books. (Good thing I'm in the industry, right?)

I've run across Jane Mount's work several times recently in my perusal of the internet and it fits well with my love of all things books + shelves. She does paintings of people's bookshelves, portraying what's on the shelf, thereby describing who they are or where their interests lie. I looked through many of her pieces and had such a hard time choosing one to put up here. I think I settled on this one because I love the whale bookend.

See them all, and Ms. Mount's other work, here.

Side note 1: I love how the New York Times refers to people in their articles as Ms. Suchandsuch or Mr. Whosywhatsit. It's so professional and respectful. Hence I've decided to do that too... as often as I remember.

Side note 2: I found these wooden lunks of bookends at the thrift store many months ago, planning to fix them up and make them look... more awesome than their lunky-ness is right now. I noticed them a few days ago and now am taking ideas for what to paint them. So far I've thought: teal (duh), yellow, or something else bright... purple? orange?


Anthony said...


I've been a big fan of gray green recently....or even just gray like this Johns


Gray doesn't have to be boring--look at Chicago!

yourmom said...

i'd really just like to say, "happy birthday, happy happy birthday, happy birthday with love from me to you!"
p.s. i like the yellow idea...to go with your rain boots...and your curious george rain jacket.

p.p.s. remember the hippo bookends at CB2? those are my favorite. i should have bought them for your birthday:)