Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday

It's WARM and SUNNY here. I ate lunch outside today and when I closed my eyes it (almost) felt like I was at the beach. I think it was the warm breeze and the sunshine. In any event, I'm here to report that my legs are seeing the light of day for the first time in.... I don't know... and they are a wee bit blinding. I hope you are enjoying sunshine as well.

It doesn't seem appropriate to wish you a "happy" Friday today as I traditionally do in light of today's historical, religious, traditional significance. It's Good Friday and that means we commemorate the death of Jesus. In continuing with the Maundy Thursday post yesterday, I thought I'd post the other two stations I designed for my church's Stations of the Cross tonight.

"Jesus carries the cross"

"Jesus is crucified"

I wish you all a blessed Good Friday. Here's to Sunday!


yourmom said...

beautiful. it's friday...but sunday's comin'!!

trisha said...

i'm always so impressed with your ability to be creative!