Friday, April 9, 2010


Things I do on Fridays:
- sing in the shower (today it was something like "Crown him with many CROWNS! ba ba ba ba ba baaa")
- Sing while I make my lunch (today it was the black eyed peas)
- Drink something sugary and wonderful from Starbucks (usually a white mocha)
- Celebrate Friday with my train friend, my co-workers, my conductors, and anyone else who will listen to me.
- Buy a (ridiculously overpriced but hey it's Friday) grilled cheese with avocado from the cafe downstairs.
- Catch an early train (only 5 minutes early, but hey, it's something)

Also, this morning my bus driver stopped right before getting on the entrance to the highway in order to let this guy running across the median to get on the bus. It's always so heart-warming when bus drivers are nice like that.

Happy Friday!!


Taylor Norris said...

wow, i feel like bus drivers are either heartless or the most nicest peeps ever :) that is such a good story about your bus driver this morning, i love it when they do that.

yourmom said...

i had a few songs myself yesterday (i know, you are probably really surprised to hear that:) but my favorite was probably...i just wanna be a sheep, baa baa baa baa...

yourmom said...

p.s. is it really obvious i sweep bbs up a hill for a living?