Sunday, October 28, 2007

A P T part II

there are some things that will always confuse me. one of them is that they always put the smaller size jeans higher on the wall. it seems pretty obvious to me that shorter people will need smaller sizes therefore WHY would you put them up so high?? i have no idea.

similarly, how does it happen that the shortest roommate sleeps in the tallest bed? insert picture of sleeping room here... yep, this is where i sleep.

and then there's the study room. ironically, and i know you'll have a hard time believing this mom and dad, but i don't really use my desk for studying... it's actually more like a storage space. weird, huh? totally not typical ashley. not at all. :) these pictures were taken at the end of midterms week as a little illustration of how stressed out i was. you'll notice that my desk is EXPLODING with stuff. clothes. books. posters. everything. then, you'll see my roommates' desks which are much more highly organized and, well, neat. so yeah, that's our study room. ashley factoid of the day: you can tell how busy or stressed i am by what my wheaton desk looks like. yep yep yep.

welcome to the A P T.

yes, lots of new photos today. you guessed it: i'm finally in a place where the internet is capable of everyday tasks... like uploading. yeah panera! haha, anyway, here are the long-awaited pictures of my apartment! i have a few more showing out study room and sleeping room so i guess i'll add those next. take notice of our sweet chalkboards in the kitchen. we added those and have people sign them or write us notes when they come over. or we just draw pictures when we need a break. other notes... the picture hanging above our couch is lauren's from africa... it's not in any of the pictures, but next to our tv we have a little display of 9 3x3 canvases that we had people paint when they came over. perhaps i'll get pictures of that someday as well.

dress-up photos!

YEAH for pictures! so, here are two photos from dress-up study weekend. woo! you'll find a roomie ghetto picture as well as a "trish and ashley's day at the beach." you may or may not be able to tell that we're sitting in a blow-up pool. but yeah, we really are that cool. :)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Chapel Faceplant of '07

So... I'm really good at embarassing myself, it's true. Today will go down in the annals of my life as one where I chalked up another "most embarrasing moment."

It all started in Chapel. (Si, en la Capilla, es verdad.) In the Wheat, Chapel always begins with the chiming of a bell five times and I hadn't quite made it to my seat when those bells started ringing. I reached my row and started scooting past all the kids just as the introductory speaker began to expound on the wonders of the urban setting. As I was doing a little fast-shuffle-scoot to my seat, I tripped over a backpack, innocently hanging out on the floor. My feet currently not in motion but the rest of my body very much still in motion, I ended up laying out over the next three (thankfully empty)seats. My face resting on a seat cushion, my upper body atop an arm rest, and my feet very much still hanging out behind me, I rolled onto the floor, tears streaming from my eyes, barely able to breathe because of the laughter bursting out. Yes, Mr. Introductory Speaker was still speaking. Yes, to an audience of 2000 plus quiet students. Yes, I was gasping for breath because I was laughing so hard. And yes, everyone behind, next to, and in front of me, was saying at once, "Are you okay??" I think they might have interpreted my tears of joy as tears of, well, pain.

Needless to say, I missed the introduction to Urban Issues. And my elbow is mysteriously sore. As well as one side of my face. I'm thinking they must be casualties of Chapel Faceplant of '07.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

This Week's Schedule

the plan for midterms week. what's happened and what's yet to come:

MONDAY - success pants day... wear those black pants!
TUESDAY - dress for success... zebra striped flats dressed up four hours of sleep, yeah!
WEDNESDAY - 'stache day... draw a mustache on your finger and be goofy!
THURSDAY - tie/thai day... wear a tie... or something thai!
FRIDAY - aloha friday... self-explanatory i think

Sunday, October 14, 2007


It's the weekend of studying... hardcore.

I have been working as hard as I know how. disciplining. caffeinating. working. being hardcore. And after awhile, that just grew monotonous and i needed an outlet.

So, i began throwing themed study parties. it started with "gangster night." okay, i know it's funny - and cliche - but go with me. Baggy pants. Sideways hats. White tanktops. Hiphop music. Let's just say it was pretty epic. We took study breaks of dancing (single gender- no worries).

Today was another crammed with workstudyhomeworkhardcore. I threw another party; this time it was BEACH DAY. We set up an inflatable pool in our apartment (minus the water), put on swimsuits (over our clothes), played some beach music, and got down to work.

I'm pretty excited about this whole study-party thing. It makes everything a little more exciting... and a little more hardcore.

pictures to come- woo!