Sunday, October 28, 2007

welcome to the A P T.

yes, lots of new photos today. you guessed it: i'm finally in a place where the internet is capable of everyday tasks... like uploading. yeah panera! haha, anyway, here are the long-awaited pictures of my apartment! i have a few more showing out study room and sleeping room so i guess i'll add those next. take notice of our sweet chalkboards in the kitchen. we added those and have people sign them or write us notes when they come over. or we just draw pictures when we need a break. other notes... the picture hanging above our couch is lauren's from africa... it's not in any of the pictures, but next to our tv we have a little display of 9 3x3 canvases that we had people paint when they came over. perhaps i'll get pictures of that someday as well.


yourmom said...

cute apartment! nice use of the brown&pink pareau. your dining room looks homey:) so glad you and the roomies are having fun together:)

thanks for the pictures!!

Holly said...

I like your apartment!!