Sunday, October 28, 2007

A P T part II

there are some things that will always confuse me. one of them is that they always put the smaller size jeans higher on the wall. it seems pretty obvious to me that shorter people will need smaller sizes therefore WHY would you put them up so high?? i have no idea.

similarly, how does it happen that the shortest roommate sleeps in the tallest bed? insert picture of sleeping room here... yep, this is where i sleep.

and then there's the study room. ironically, and i know you'll have a hard time believing this mom and dad, but i don't really use my desk for studying... it's actually more like a storage space. weird, huh? totally not typical ashley. not at all. :) these pictures were taken at the end of midterms week as a little illustration of how stressed out i was. you'll notice that my desk is EXPLODING with stuff. clothes. books. posters. everything. then, you'll see my roommates' desks which are much more highly organized and, well, neat. so yeah, that's our study room. ashley factoid of the day: you can tell how busy or stressed i am by what my wheaton desk looks like. yep yep yep.


Mark said...

Yes, we are truly shocked by the study desk news. And your stuff explosion doesn't really look all that bad compared to...well...nevermind. I guess we can totally understand how you might feel more "at home" studying dress-up style in a blow up pool:)

(yes, this is a comment by mom...who hasn't yet figured out how to sign in as herself)

yourmom said...

dave is my tech hero...and i love you too:)

yourmom said...

about the shortest roommate sleeping in the tallest bunk...that girl may be short on the outside, but she's WAY TALL on the inside!! ask anybody who really knows her:)