Sunday, October 14, 2007


It's the weekend of studying... hardcore.

I have been working as hard as I know how. disciplining. caffeinating. working. being hardcore. And after awhile, that just grew monotonous and i needed an outlet.

So, i began throwing themed study parties. it started with "gangster night." okay, i know it's funny - and cliche - but go with me. Baggy pants. Sideways hats. White tanktops. Hiphop music. Let's just say it was pretty epic. We took study breaks of dancing (single gender- no worries).

Today was another crammed with workstudyhomeworkhardcore. I threw another party; this time it was BEACH DAY. We set up an inflatable pool in our apartment (minus the water), put on swimsuits (over our clothes), played some beach music, and got down to work.

I'm pretty excited about this whole study-party thing. It makes everything a little more exciting... and a little more hardcore.

pictures to come- woo!


David Hepburn said...

Niiiiiiice. Holly says you should have a princess-themed party with tiaras and sashes for old-times sake. We both really like the name of your blog too.


Mark said...

Oh my dear are the funnest and craziest girl i know! You give all new meaning to "good-clean-fun." And not only that, I see you inherited my mantre...while you're traveling through life you might just as well celebrate along the way!

I want your curious george raincoat!

Mark said...

P.S. i guess it's pretty obvious that Mom said the above.