Thursday, April 8, 2010

In Miniature

I love miniature things. I have a dollhouse that I built with my dad and endlessly decorated many years ago. I remember spending twenty dollars (a WHOLE twenty dollars! all at once!) on a miniature bathroom set that included a bathtub, toilet, and sink. I was pretty excited about this purchase. And don't get me started on my Half-Penny family that included parents Paul & Maureen (yes, as in Misty of Chincoteague), the twins Sandy & Andy, and baby Nina. Then there was Allison, the adopted teenager who came from a girl lego-esque set, and Jonathan, the adopted baby who I sculpted out of Sculpy (remember Sculpy??!). He even had this cute little red pacifier. The Royal Half-Penny family along with a set of grandparents lived there, too, but I digress.

The NYT did a story about the new modern miniature movement and, holy cow, I am so blown away by what these people create. Check out these photos included in the article and read the story for more information. Crazy, huh??

P.S. Happy Thursday :)


Taylor Norris said...

ah! i love miniatures, too. there's a great miniature/doll house store in my aunt's seaside town. want to go with me this summer?

ps: have you read any of the book, yet?

Ashley Joy said...

Yes, I would love to! Where is it?

And not yet, but I'm planning to this weekend! :)

yourmom said...

i adore! and i'm feeling very warm and nostalgic about the whole half-penny family...sitting right here behind me in their cornflower blue 2-story house.