Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Spring is here!
Dreary winter windows turn into bursting pictures of green!
Family, remember those annoying plants we used to hack in our backyard that turned out to be really valuable if sold to hotels? Dave & I went to the conservatory and I FOUND ONE! Brother David, remember that time Mom told you to trim it and you literally cut ALL of the limbs off? Hahaha.
Dave blended into the flora. (So it turns out that fauna of "flora & fauna" means animals. Put it on the list of things everyone else knows but me. I thought it meant flowers. Ridiculous.)
After taking this picture, I inquired as to if I looked "normal" or "funny." To which Dave resisted the urge to tell me they were the same thing. Haha.
Those that have known me long enough know that I LOVE THE GAME OF LIFE. The roommates and I played on Sunday and here are our cars in all their happiness. My name is Cassie and I'm driving in style in my yellow minivan with husband Noa and children Clark, Jackson, Rockwell, & Addison in tow. (Recognize any Chicago streets anyone??) Highlight of that evening might have been meeting Little Paige - Big Paige's companion that you'll notice riding along with her. There were many other names and "Oh, I just won the lottery!"s that night. I love that game.

I love spring.


Taylor Norris said...

oh! can i please come over and play life? i love that game! i'm happy you know what fauna means, now. and i love your family stories. what a happy post!

yourmom said...

omigosh! where do i even start? way too many thoughts for one comment! yes, i remember those perilous plants. do you remember camar the chameleon who was none too happy when we heartlessly hacked out his playground home and he had to relocate? and no matter how badly we hacked (even david's crew cut) they kept coming back! and what can i say about fauna? fauna and due...what will be next?

yourmom said...

oh and looks like you got the biggest family in life:) nice!