Thursday, September 30, 2010

My random thought (x2)

1. Today is a good day because it's payday! Woo!

2. I got my plane ticket for Thanksgiving last night. (I should say 'we' because I'm headed to South Carolina with Dave-o. So WE got our tickets last night.)

In any event, what I come to say is this: I love my reaction to buying tickets for within the continental U.S. I'm always excited because I feel like I got the best deal. (They are so. much. cheaper. than tickets to Hawaii.) So regardless of how normal or even more expensive than normal the ticket is, I still feel like I'm getting the best deal ever. Ha. How the mind works, eh?


Taylor Yves said...

wow, those colorado pictures are stellar! sooo pretty. dave and jake are nuts :)

trisha said...

woohoo! Thanksgiving with Dave!

so great.

yourmom said...

i like when you get the expensive tickets:)