Wednesday, October 6, 2010

An Autumnal Outing

Let's face it, 'autumnal' is just really fun to say. Last weekend on the day of Kate's birth (!!) we went apple picking waaay out in almost-Wisconsin. It was gorgeous (we missed the nasty rain in Chicago), cold, and delightfully autumnal. (Say it with me, "autumnal, autumnal, autumnal.") Edwards Orchards is a family owned place with amazing donuts that are the closest thing to malasadas I've tasted on the mainland. Perhaps they have some Portuguese in their background?


Joy said...

it's so fun reading (and seeing) all the fun, cute things you guys do.

PS. maybe theyre Polynesian donuts ???


Marissa said...

I ADORE that first picture! It epitomizes what I picture as a "mainland fall". Love you pretty girl!