Friday, October 29, 2010

Hi, I'm alive!

Happy Friday! Did you miss me? (Rhetorical question. Please don't say no!) Life has been busy and full and tiring the last two weeks. I have been storing up lots of pictures and fun things to share but then the amount of things I hadn't posted began to overwhelm me so I just avoided it like the plague. (This is also why my room gets so messy. Sorry about that, Paige!) Hopefully I'll be sharing from my "to-post" list over the weekend - this may include the two book covers I've designed over the last few weeks! My first two! So exciting!

Two photos to share. ABOVE: Marissa came to visit me and we spent a full day walking/shopping/eating/talking and it was glorious. BELOW: We celebrated Ashley's 24th at a swanky gastropub. Good times!

Happy Friday! Chilifest today at work!

P.S. It's 31 degrees outside!

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yourmom said...

Rhetorical or not, my answer is YES! And I love the pics and the poster from Keep Calm.