Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ashley Lake + Montana

I love books because they can introduce you to new and exciting places. Places like Montana. I'm reading The Last Stand (by my favorite - Nathaniel Philbrick!) and it's all set in Montana and Wyoming and South Dakota - where I've never been! But now I'm planning my big road trip to see the sights and guess what I found in Northwestern Montana? ASHLEY LAKE. And guess what's gorgeous? Yep, Ashley Lake. So now I'm off to Kalispell, which is right by Glacier National Park, which will definitely be a stop on my trip. (And when I say "I'm off to Kalispell" this is wishful thinking. In case you were about to drive out and meet me there...)


yourmom said...

let's go
let's go
l-e-t-s G-O!

trisha said...

beautiful! i'll join you on that little road trip. just wait 10 more months, ok?