Monday, September 6, 2010

Scenes from a three day weekend

Oh the joys of three blissful days off. Here's how I commemorated this weekend...

Susie Homemaker. Okay, maybe not quite to the Susie level yet, but I baked delicious cookies (it's not just me! other people said they were delicious, too!), baked an egg in a tomato thingie, and made smoothies for the roomies after a long bike ride.

I ate sushi with Paige and Kate while sitting in these gorgeous chairs. I am in love with the whole decor of this place from the white chairs to the gray and teal walls to the wooden finish. Gorge. Ous.

We had some beautiful weather in Chi-town the last few days. The air was crisp and the sky was clear and the lake was blue. Delightful. (I got a little distracted by how pretty the lake was during my aforementioned bike ride. Everyone survived though. Don't worry.)

Remember Dinkel's Bakery? I was hanging out with my friend Kimmy at her new apartment and she suggested we stop by to grab some of their cookies for our church potluck. Omigosh. I can't wait to go back.

Ashley ran TEN MILES today in preparation for her half marathon and so we celebrated by eating at Ann Sather. Their cinnamon rolls are to die for. We enjoyed them immensely.

I painted my nails teal last night. They make me happy.

And so, those are some of my scenes. This photo tour did not include the movies watched, walls of Dave's bedroom prepped for painting, nor church parties attended. You'll just have to trust me that those were great fun, too.


Taylor Yves said...

cute cute. i wish i was sitting right next to you girls in that anne sather's picture.

ashley elizabeth said...

yay!! i made it!! one down, many, many to go...