Friday, September 10, 2010


I have good news and bad news. The good news is that my dear co-worker and friend Amy got a fantastic new job. The bad news is that she's leaving me! Today is her last day and since she is a faithful reader of my blog I decided to give her a shout-out here.

Dear Amy,

Today is your last day here and I am reflecting on what my life will be like post-coworker-amy. After today I am going to have to make my own Jimmy John's account and build my own "favorite order" for gourmet sandwiches. Not to mention brave the strange JJ delivery guy who makes me so uncomfortable I lose my ability to tip correctly. I am going to have to find my own interesting articles, pictures, and stories to distract myself with during the day. I am going to have no idea what's going on in baseball. My lunch hours will be just me and my books. Who will I stop by and visit and catch up on the latest news with?? And who will explain to me how this place works and who all these people are?

Amy, I will miss you terribly! But I'm so excited for your new job. And I'm glad you'll still be in Chicago so we can be real friends. So goodbye (but not really) and GOOD LUCK (definitely)!

Ashley xoxo

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Amy said...

you are the sweetest :) good luck with the jj guy. and you know that dave will be so happy if someone continues to talk to him / ask him questions :)