Thursday, September 2, 2010

Las Vegas Weekend!

Last weekend we had a family vacation to Las Vegas to watch my dad play some softball! His team flies out once a year to play in a tournament with teams from all over the country. This year, the whole family joined in as a birthday gift. So Mom and Dad flew out from Hawaii, David and Holly drove over from San Diego, and Dave and I flew in from Chicago. It was pretty epic.

Also very hot. Very, very hot. 100-110 degree hot. I suppose it is the desert. I'd also like to say that I was pretty surprised at the beauty of the scenery. My expectations were... low. It was gorgeous. So nice to see some mountains.

Dad's team got second place! I got a tan. We only lost $8 to the great state of Nevada. Our condo was AWE. SOME. (Read here: waterfall shower, jacuzzi tub, and flat screen TVs in every room awesome.) Dave had his first In-N-Out and BJs dining experiences. Played cards, took naps, watched baseball, walked the strip, ate snacks, played in the pool, had handstand contests, etc. etc.

To sum it all up: had fun. FUN!

I'm already planning the next vacation for California in 5 weeks. Yahoo!


Holly said...

Yeah it was AWE.SOME.!!! Every word of this is very true. It was so much fun spending time with family, AND we were the best cheering squad ever! I'm looking forward to the CA trip :)

Holly said...

p.s. It was HOT. But it was a dry heave ;)

trisha said...

ash! that sounds so fun! i'm so glad it was a great weekend...and congrats to your dad's team :)

california in a few weeks???!!!??? that's great!

Taylor Yves said...

so fun! thanks for the pictures.

yourmom said... it seriously only 5 weeks until the next one? i'd better get packin'...and i'm not talking about a suitcase!

i love your pics and the coordinating commentary. we ARE good at packing in the any circumstance!