Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Reading List: Nathaniel Philbrick

I want you all to know about the author and historian Nathaniel Philbrick. His books are just spectacular. Philbrick has an astounding way of telling a gripping, detailed story with mounds of facts, research, and description. And his titles have won many awards and gotten much recognition. I' definitely a fan. Let me tell you about the three books I've read...

I first read "In the Heart of the Sea" in a history class at Wheaton. This book won the National Book Award. It's the true story of the whaleship Essex - the drama that the Moby Dick novel was based on. In it, a whaling ship is brought down by a whale and the wrecked crew sails across the pacific to South America. Spellbinding.

Shortly after reading "In the Heart of the Sea," I picked up "Mayflower" and ripped through it over a Christmas vacation. It (clearly) tells the story of the Mayflower and its pilgrims as well as the Native Americans living in America. So good.

I just bought this third Philbrick book, "Sea of Glory," at a tiny (and so amazing) used bookstore in Chicago and I'm sitting at my desk counting down the minutes til I get to open it again. This book tells the story of The U.S. Exploring Expedition that set out in a journey of equal importance to (and possibly exceeding) that of Lewis and Clark. Yet, most of us have never heard of it. I'm so looking forward to finding out what happens next (currently the men are battling the waves and ice of Antarctica) but I'm also afraid for it to end!

So go check out a Nathaniel Philbrick book from your local library or purchase your own copy. If you're near my hometown you can borrow my copy of "Mayflower" - but only if you promise to return it. :)

[This is the first in an official semi-regular post called Reading List. I'll use it to convince/persuade/manipulate you into reading books I think are fantastic. Sound good?]


Joy said...

Oh these sound like some good books. I haven't been reading many books since school ended. (I know, embarrassing. But, I think I'll look into these. Mayflower sounds especially interesting.

yourmom said...

Dibs on your copy of Mayflower!