Monday, August 2, 2010

My baby!

I got a bike this weekend! I'm in love. It's a brown (!) Schwinn Collegiate. This picture is one from Craigslist, so it's not that great - I'll be sure to take a good one (complete with me in my dorky helmet?) and post it sometime this week.

The last few bike experiences I've had have been... terrible. It's always been trying to ride someone else's bike and it's usually too big for me so I ended up frustrated, walking alongside the bike, and yes, in tears. [Also, certain friends, *ahem* Katie, insist I've never known how to ride a bike.] SO, how excited am I now that I have a bike intended for a short (or perfect sized, however you choose to see it) person!? I am very excited.

I went on a long bike ride on the lake yesterday and it was just so fun. I am very excited for end of the summer/fall bike rides.

I'm trying to think of a name for my new baby, so if you have any ideas, feel free to share.


Marissa said...

You are adorable Ashley! Your bike looks very comfortable and "rider-friendly". Don't worry, Katie didn't think you couldn't ride a bike per se. It's more that you fall off them with great frequency. But practice makes perfect!

Ashley Joy said...

Haha, I know right? I'm working on improving my record... drastically.

yourmom said...

Perfect size...absolutely definitely! (never forget that:)

P.S. I love your bike!