Thursday, August 19, 2010

Heirloom Tomatoes

Let's be clear on something: I love tomatoes. I love, love tomatoes. I grew up on what I call "Hawaii tomatoes." These would be the ones that are barged in to the islands and don't quite measure up to their mainland peers. On moving to the North American continent, I discovered the joy of non-barged tomatoes and my love for the little buggers has swelled. My new favorites are heirloom tomatoes. Paige and I bought a gorgeous yellow one the other weekend and it was exquisitely delicious. I got even luckier this week when last night Dave brought me a little bucket of small ones from the community garden next door to his office. (He's so nice, isn't he?)

I love tomatoes!

(picture from here)

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yourmom said...

I had a pretty fantastic tomato at the Kailua farmers' market tonight. I wonder how it would stack up next to your heirlooms...maybe sometime you'll be in Kailua on o Thursday evening and we can find out!