Monday, August 23, 2010

Pug Persuasion

Generally, Dave and I have differing taste in dogs. I tend to like "normal" looking dogs like labs and golden retrievers (wiener dogs being a notable exception). Dave, however, likes what I call "weird" looking dogs. All the time he'll point out bulldogs, frenchies, pugs, and anything else that, "Just needs more love than other dogs because they're so weird looking and get asthma and what if no one ever adopts them Ashley we have to give them a home!"

Today he sent me an email with this photo (aptly named "teeny tiny sleepy pug face"), subject line: Please please please...

You have to admit, it is kinda cute in this photo, huh?

Disclaimer: I'm sorry if you prefer bulldogs, frenchies, pugs or any other dog I just slandered by calling them "weird looking." It's all a matter of taste, right?

photo from here.

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Joy said...

If aliens had puppies, it would be those "weird looking" dogs. I'm on your team. Team Ashley!