Saturday, April 2, 2011

Kristy Yamaguchi! And good views from a safe distance

Kristy Yamaguchi of Olympic fame is currently on a book tour for her new children's book "Dream Big, Little Pig" (cute, right?) and she came by Dave's work for a book-signing! Naturally I went and had my picture taken with her (promising that someday when I had a child, I'd buy her book, haha). She was really nice... and she fell when she was getting off the ice rink. It was hilarious, and she was laughing the hardest of anyone!

 While I was up there (have I mentioned I'm super afraid of heights?) I hung out at the cafe watching Dave and his coworkers do their thing. I also tried to enjoy the view... when possible. You'll notice that all of my pictures of the city and the sunset are from a safe distance. I just couldn't get myself to go close to the edge! (Or closER to the edge; there was honestly a lot of yardage between me and it.) Hey, we're all just proud of me because I rode up the elevator by myself. (Okay, maybe I'm just proud of me. Maybe everyone else expects that of an almost 24 year old.)

Dave made me a mocha. I'm really impressed by his increasing latte art skills. He's a great barista!

And the sun is setting. Crazy how those main streets just light up and go west, west, west.

I took a few creeper pictures, but I promise I was really, really subtle.

And night falls on Chicago. Not a bad view from your workplace, huh?


yourmom said...

i am so jealous that i couldn't be there with you! and, for what it's worth...i am proud of you:)

yourmom said...

oh, and to dave....nice latte work! do you deliver?

Marissa said...

Can I agree with both comments above me left by an awesome lady?! And what a fabulous day, drinking mochas with that view? And with Ashley Hepburn? Sign me up!