Sunday, April 24, 2011

Birthday Week, pt. III

We're going to have to skip part II since I don't yet have the pictures. I have to get them from a few people...

On the day of my birth, April 21, I awoke to sunshine. Sunshine! (It had been, and continued to, rain all week. All. week.) I got some fun presents from my roommates, including a cast iron griddle that will take my pancakes up a notch. (I used it on Saturday and it was definitely an improvement! Not to mention I felt super official.) My parents had sent me a birthday package so I ripped it open (in 5 year old style... I can't help it! I love birthdays!) and found a gorgeous new blouse. Birthday outfit, donned.

After work I had planned to take the bus to Dave's house where we would have dinner together. As I walked out the door and started walking to the bus stop, I saw from behind a person sitting on a bench. I thought to myself, "The back of that person's head doesn't look like anyone I normally see here." And then, "That person's jacket looks a lot like Dave's jacket." And then, "Omigosh! It's Dave!" He surprised me and came to pick me up from work! (This is one of my highest luxuries. As a takes-public-transportation-everywhere person, getting a ride ranks up there with a bubble bath or a chocolate dessert. Seriously.)
Dave -- surprise in Hyde Park!

We made stir-fry for dinner (my favorite) and watched 30 Rock (my favorite!) and ate strawberry shortcake (my favorite!).
Vanilla Bean macaroons -- this one was my favorite

He gave me some fabulous gifts as well. A lovely bag from a vintage shop in Chicago (I've been on the bag hunt for a while!), macaroons (I've been itching to try them for months), an awesome ceramic travel mug (such bright colors!), and a bouquet of flowers that are brightening up a dreary last few weeks of April.

Modeling three of my birthday gifts -- blouse, bag, bouquet
It was a lovely birthday and I'm so thankful to my friends and family, near and far, for how special and loved they made me feel. I've got long thank you notes coming to all of you!

At work on Friday, feeling very colorful


Taylor Yves said...

i have so many things to say about this post! first of all, i love that you love birthdays. it's so fun. also, i know what you mean about a car ride being a huge luxury, and dave has such a nice smile to see along with that surprise. AND, cute bag. AND, where did you get the macarons?

trisha said...

can i just say how incredibly cute you are!!!???!!! i love this post. and i love how much you love birthdays. and how much your fun, life-loving personality shines through this post.

happy happy late brithday! let's go out for red mango when i'm home to celebrate, k?

miss you! skype soon?