Monday, May 17, 2010

A weekend in Leland

This weekend was truly a treat. It was a college friend reunion of sorts in honor of our dear friend Austin's wedding to Sierra. We convened from all over... Costa Rica, Chicago, California, Massachusetts, and other far-flung places. I can't tell you how wonderful it felt to be with this group of people again, for the first time in a year. The weather was great, the location beautiful, the food delicious, the wedding perfect, and the company - the company was sweet. I didn't take many pictures (by my standard), I don't even have any of the actual ceremony, nor the bride and groom (I'm short!), but I do have a few photos to share...

Keiko and me on a group trip to lunch. I'm obviously very excited. Boys in the background, probably causing mayhem, as usual. (Sorry your eyes are closed Keiko, you're still looking cute. See picture below with your eyes open...)

Leland, Michigan.
A welcome sight after months of city-living.

Dave and me at the wedding. Pre-insane dance party.

Austin, the groom, and Dave. Former roommates. (Now Austin has a new roommate!)

The dance floor at the wedding. We went for 2.5+ hours strong. It might have been the best dance party of my life. A friend, Jeff, was the DJ and he did an AMAZING job. We were impressed, as always, with his creative genius.

Justine and Dave requested that this picture be posted on my blog. Here you go guys. You're both pretty cute. (As in very.)

Because we couldn't bear to part so soon (or quickly), we caravaned (not a real verb?) through Michigan. We were five cars strong and the scenery for the first part of our drive was picturesque.


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