Thursday, May 6, 2010


Dave sent me this photo and I think it's hilarious. I happen to love [brackets] and {braces}. Oh, and fonts, too. (Click to see it larger and read all the words.)

It reminds me of 'Stache Days I used to organize. I'd get whoever I could to draw little mustaches on the side of their index finger and walk around saying "Happy 'Stache Day!" and holding their finger up underneath their nose. Insta-stache! This is Erin and me on 'Stache Day 07.

One summer the ladies at the hardware store held a 'Stache Day in honor of my last day as cashier. (Apparently I had told them the story of this special day at some quiet point of the hardware-selling day.) Nelly, the grandmotherly phone-answerer pictured at left, even made little mustaches out of yarn for us to use instead of permanent marker 'staches. My favorite supervisor, Nicole, is on the right.

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yourmom said...

i can't even think where to start with a comment on this one! oh the memories!i i'm still laughing:)