Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Weekend + Bat Ecology

This weekend was fantastic. I spent some time out in Wheaton and look who I found there...

I also got to see the new "BP" (aka bachelor pad aka chez Caciano) as well as celebrate with an old young friend at her bridal shower.

Oh AND, I have always wondered how the stock market worked. Not the market exactly, but all the traders and the floor and such. I think this is spawned from that great Eddie Murphy movie "Trading Places" that's always on TV. There's this scene where all the traders are standing on the floor yelling and running amuck and I've always wondered, "Is that what it's really like?" So this weekend Dave and I went to see a documentary called Floored about the Chicago trading floor. It was so interesting. And pretty much answered all my life-long questions. So that was exciting.

And, on a publishing note, every month we start up another round of reprints. This month I had to giggle when I started working on the list. "Why?" you might ask? Because of big, fat books titled "Bat Ecology." I know, I know, some people really do study that (apparently, because we publish a book about it). But it does seem a little... crazy that you can dedicate a whole book to it, no?

Ok, fine. I'm easily amused.

P.S. It's GORGEOUS outside and it has been for like four days. That means I've been wearing slippers (aka sandals aka flip-flops). That means that Ashley is a very happy camper.


Paige said...

Aren't you glad I don't study bats???!!! Spitting is much better =)

yourmom said...

four beautiful girls...fourever friends!

p.s. oh, and giggle away. bats are really weird.