Thursday, January 21, 2010

Stopping Traffic

Recently I've been catching a later bus in the morning and it allows me to witness something I find terribly amusing. As a bus (that's not mine) turns the corner and is picking up passengers, this tiny old man dashes into the crosswalk. He doesn't have the right of way. In fact, cars are driving with the green light across his path. But that's his bus! And he has to catch it! So he dashes into the street, madly holding his hand up like a crossing guard, instructing all the cars to stop. And they do. So this little old man is crossing the busy intersection, holding his hands up, making everybody stop for him, and then he catches his bus. And that's that. I've seen it two days in a row now. Maybe I'll have to think of that trick next time I'm about to miss my bus... Apparently it's quite effective. Ha.

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