Friday, January 15, 2010

Light spots for a gray day

Today the sky is the same color as the lake which is the same color as the dirty snow... gray. But, in spite of this, there are many things to feel sunshine-y about today:
1. It's FRIDAY! And it's a three day weekend.
2. I'm going to northern Michigan to my friend's cottage this weekend. I intend to sit by the fire with a book and some hot chocolate the whole time. It will be lovely.
3. On Fridays I treat myself to a latte on my way to work. Therefore, I have hot drink in hand- already!
4. It's still so much warmer there than it has been for the last few weeks. When the wind isn't whipping your skin off your face, there's always reason to be cheery.
5. Did I mention that it's Friday, a three day weekend, and that I'm going away with friends??
6. I have friends at work and friends on the train (not to mention the other places, but this is relatively new). I am so thankful for this everyday when I catch up with them, discuss the weather, and share our current reading lists.

And while I celebrate these lovely six things, I also remember to be thankful for the ways I have been blessed. Again and again. And again.

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