Monday, February 28, 2011


Dave and I went to Minnesota this weekend. Unfortunately, we went up there for a funeral -- sad day -- but we also tried to make the best of it while we were there.

We managed to drive up and back in one day (15 hours of driving... it was intense). Since it was my first time in Minnesota and so that we would be able to spend a little more time there before driving home again, we tried Sebastian Joe's, which will heretofore be known as THE-best-ice-cream-ever. My friend recommended this place and I insist that you try it when you're in Minneapolis. (Thanks for the recommendation, Lauren!)

I had salted caramel and oreo. Dave tried cinnamon honeysuckle and oreo. Seriously, it was amazing. I love salty sweet desserts and the salted caramel blew my mind.

I also spotted some interesting signs at a rest stop. Looks like the DIY trend is spreading. Calling all country singles!

This is my "I'm-excited-to-be-in-a-new-state" face.


Taylor Yves said...

yes, that is where my bed is :) that ice cream shop's name does not sound like an ice cream shop, haha!

trisha said...

I love your "excited to be in a new state" picture.

I miss you Ashley!