Thursday, February 3, 2011

Blizzard of 2011

Hey folks, Ashley here on my SECOND snow day! I can't even believe it myself. Yesterday I did a little jig because it was my first ever EVER snow day. Now I have another one. I am so lucky!

So we got this huge snow and these high winds and everything went white here. Yesterday at the tail end of the snow, my roommates and I ventured out to explore the winter wonderland. It was pretty epic and the whole time I was saying, "This is so much fun! This is so much fun!" (Hard to believe, right?)

We got 20.2 inches of snow, but because of the high winds, HUGE piles had formed all over. Right outside our apartment there was snow up to my knees!

On the normally busy street cars were swallowed up by snow. The street still had a good layer accumulated on it and only big cars were out. And lots of people walking around. It was really fun to see all the people out because everyone was friendly and smiling and waving to each other. It was like new years day all over again!

We decided to go see what the beach and the lake looked like, so we headed east with many of our neighbors. We found Chiberia! I've never seen something quite so ominous as the lakeshore yesterday. Large snow-dunes were piled up and the wind was whipping flurries all over the place. Everything was grey, grey, grey.

On our way back home we ventured onto Lake Shore Drive! It was closed for 36 hours (or something like that), so there was no traffic. While we were up there we saw a few snow plows and police cars. Besides that, it was all people taking advantage of the chance to walk on the Drive. There were even some sledders!

So it was a pretty epic adventure. I ended up with melting snow in my boots so I immediately got into bed to warm myself up. Then there was some hot chocolate. It was the best snow day!


Taylor Yves said...

now i want to go sit on lake shore drive!

yourmom said...

epic is right!