Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day 2011

This year for Valentine's Day... Dave cooked up some delicious lamb with garlic apple glaze (it was my first time trying lamb!) and an apple walnut salad. (Do notice the meticulously laid apple slices in the photo - that was the work of yours truly.) He also surprised me with some beautiful irises, which are now living happily on my dresser.

My contribution to the night besides my salad display skills? I picked out a movie for us. A romantic one. Okay, so it was actually an action/thriller, but those are my favorite kind! (I remember Dave was really excited about that when he found this out.)

I had to include two photos of the table because while one displays the romantic candlelight dinner, it just doesn't show off the details. Thank you blurry hands.

Me and my valentine.

P.S. Here is the Valentine's post from last year. I feel like we look a lot different? Maybe not?

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Marissa said...

Awww....I LOVE this friend!! What a beautiful couple. Was I right about the movie? :) Bor-ing