Monday, February 4, 2008

I can see clearly now...

I have new glasses! Woo! I really like them and, in the tradition of my eighth grade pair, I've worn them pretty much every day so far (until the new-ness wears off and I'll wear them for necessity). :) Maybe too much thought went into that... I don't know. Anyway so per the parental requests, I'm putting up pictures.

ALSO, I just got back from Ottawa (Illinois not Canada, silly) and got to see the ACTUAL SITE of the first Lincoln-Douglas Debates. Oh, how wonderful history is. :) There's also a picture of my making $20 for eating a humongous bite of delicious homemade, chocolate cake. And there's a picture of me and some of my art friends when we went into the city to see some art exhibits. The one behind us is "Paintings Below Zero" which is a 100 foot mural in Millenium Park of colored ice. It looked like really cold stained glass.

Enjoy the pictures! Yay better internet in the Student Activities Office!


yourmom said...

Ok, well i am going to try to post a comment to prove that i do read your blog...however, you know i am challenged by the technical aspect of the commenting here goes!

I love all of the pictures, and you are so cute...with and without the glasses!

yourmom said...

WOOHOO!!! i did it! be proud of me:)