Monday, February 18, 2008

i feel accomplished...

First of all, I feel accomplished because I'm famous. Well, sort of. College Union put on a concert last Friday night featuring 'Iron and Wine.' The event was written up in 'Relevant Magazine' and look who is famous now... me! Scroll down to the first picture. You'll see half of my face peeking out next to the other girl, who happens to be my friend Ashley. Woo!

Secondly, I have officially been skiing. Woo! I went on Saturday with my friend Dave (who was a ski instructor in high school) to Four Lakes in Lisle, Illinois. When people ask where I went I like to tell them LisleORADO, but most aren't buying it... :) It was a really great experience and even though the hill was pretty small it was a good place to learn. I fell a few times... half of them were when going up the rope-tow, since the hill wasn't really tall enough for a chair lift. Needless to say, it was SUPER FUN and... my body hurts a lot. But it was worth it! You'll also note that I did indeed take a picture of my feet IN SKIS! Haha, of course! You didn't doubt me, did you?

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yourmom said...

OH WOW!! You are more and more amazing every day! I am warm with happiness that you had a better first skiing experience than I did (both snow and water!). Just one thing...try to have a little fun at college, K?