Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Planet Earth!

There's a TV series you all need to see. It's called Planet Earth and it was put together by the BBC and is out on DVD now. I've been hearing about it a lot for the last six months or so and finally sat down and watched it a few nights ago. OH WOW. It's amazing! I've only seen the first one ("Pole to Pole") but I've never seen any more stunning images of God's creation. You should all go out to your local Blockbuster (or movie rental dealio) and rent a disc. Go do it!

As a side note, I'm officially getting paid for my internship starting Monday! I'd signed on to work without pay for the whole semester so this is pretty exciting. And I filled out my tax forms all by myself today... with a double-check email to Dad to make sure I had done it right. :)


David Hepburn said...

First of all, you should delete that comment from Nemuro. It's comment spam.

Second, SWEET! So did they just decide to start paying you or what?

Third, I've added Planet Earth to our Netflix queue, so we'll see it eventually. :-)

Holly said...

That's AWESOME that you are getting paid for your internship now!
...and Yay for doing your own taxes!! WOOHOO!

p.s. I painted my toenails tonight and they remind me of the ruby slippers in "Wizard of Oz"... it's fun :)

Anonymous said...