Tuesday, January 29, 2008

To Holly:

I think you and David might be the only ones who read my blog... but anyway, I just finished up my website and I put a picture of me up from your wedding. And well... it's black and white so it looks like I'm getting married! Haha, a few people have said, "Um, what's your picture from??"

Also, it's snowing like crazy outside and super windy. I read online that it's "near blizzard" conditions! Oh WOW! There are huge snowdrifts everywhere and it's 4 feels like -20. This is so intense! Kari's hoping school is cancelled tomorrow... you never know... it's pretty crazy outside.


David Hepburn said...

CRAZY!!!!!!! Wish we were there for all the snow!

Holly said...

Sweet!! My name is in the title! I'm famous!

Hehe. You should tell people that the picture IS from your wedding and then when they ask just say, "yeah, why didn't you come? You owe me a gift!"

p.s. nice usage of the "oh WOW". I like :)