Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dispatches from the kitchen

Two things.

First of all, Ashley and I made this asparagus, goat cheese, and lemon pasta for dinner a few weeks ago and it was amazing. Amazing! And really simple, too. The hardest part is really just having all the right ingredients available. You should try it out.

Second, that same night I decided to make another loaf of beer bread since it was so easy and I still had some beer leftover. So I got busy mixing away and consequently mixed up the instructions. The recipe calls for 1 tsp salt and somehow, in classic Ashley fashion, I got it confused and added TWO TABLESPOONS of SALT to my flour and sugar mix. OOPS. I've been informed that that is six times too much salt. Oops x 6. So I quickly scooped out as much as I could and hoped for the best. It turned out to be pretty salty, but still enjoyable. Whew.


yourmom said...

remember that time we oopsed on the measurements for just add water muffins when we had visitors? ahh...good times, good times!

Taylor Yves said...

your kitchen stories are inspiring me. maybe there is hope for my kitchen!