Monday, January 17, 2011

Horse days

 The first weekend of 2011 found all of the Hepburns -- ALL of them! -- in Kansas for my cousin's wedding. It was a very special weekend since I hadn't seen some of them for several years. As life gets busier (and more grown up?) it seems like weddings are the things that always bring everyone together. My Aunt and Uncle and family live on a big plot of land with lots of animals, so we all enjoyed a Hepburn reunion complete with horses and dogs!
Dave bonds with the dogs
 My cousins were nice enough to get their horses groomed and saddled for a trail ride. We walked (and occasionally trotted) around the property and I saw two deer running across the field!
Holly & Scout
 We also took a turn out to the clearing so we could try cantering. It felt so fast and a little out of control (I'm a green cowgirl, I suppose) so I reined my horse in. She wasn't so happy about this and in a fit of miscommunication (equally both of our faults I think) started bucking and I landed squarely on the ground. I'll spare you a picture of my bruise (fear not, I documented it!), but I will tell you that it was large and nasty and I spent the next few days hobbling ever so carefully. My whole body hurt, to say the least.

Me and Queenie before our "miscommunication  

Of course, the wedding that we were all there for was a beautiful affair as well. Everybody got dressed in their finest wintry attire (the boys all donned ties!) to witness Taylor and Kaitlyn's vows.
Here are the bride and groom. Aren't they a cute couple? The lucky lovebirds got to honeymoon in Hawaii!

After the wedding festivities in Kansas, our family hopped in the car and headed South for Oklahoma where we saw 2/3 of our Hintz family, too! I don't have any pictures from that on my camera currently, but know that it was a fun filled 24 hours! :)