Monday, November 8, 2010

Weekend + Weather

You know what Chicago is great for? Weird weather. Let's examine:
I had a wonderful weekend - one that didn't last long enough even though it was an hour longer than normal! As much as I hate how it's going to get dark so early now, I did love the extra hour of sleep. Plus it's only a four hour time difference to Hawaii now; you can ask my mom how much she loves that. (right, Mom?). Oh another plus: it's light out when I wake up now. This makes it easier to get out of bed.

This weekend we four of our delightful apartment went to see the Lion King musical (thanks to Kate's grandma and Kate's birthday!). It was ah-may-zing. The only way I know to describe it is 'visual spectacle.' The costumes and puppets and animals and my oh my, I whole-heartedly recommend it. I sat in my seat with my mouth wide open. (Were you embarrassed, Paige?)

I also got new boots (yayyy), barn danced (who knew there were real barns in Chicago?), and celebrated All Saints Day. I love church potlucks. And I love my church.

I have another photo from the weekend to share but it's on my computer at home, so that will have to wait. Weekend part 2... to come.


Joy said...

To everything. From your outings to barn dancing.

Taylor Yves said...

so fun!! i agree, every day should be a weekend! we ran into kate and ash at target in the toilet paper aisle last night :) wish you could have been there! but i'm going to text you right now and make plans for a date.

Amy said...

your boots look super cute. :) see you saturday!

christa thorpe said...

Oh how I miss the cool weather fashion - especially on YOU Miss Ashley. Sexy boots! Let's talk soon - on one of those days when it's 30 degrees and raining there and you'd rather be inside (and it'll probably be 90 degrees and humid here, so I'd rather be inside...)

yourmom said...

i love you and i think you are the "cutest thing since sliced bread" every way!

and yes, i cherish the days that i am one hour closer to you:)

and i also love the boots!