Friday, November 19, 2010

This is so cool..

How cool are these beds?? And the whole room!? Say it with me, "YELLOW AND GRAY! YELLOW AND GRAY!"

Last night I went to the Harry Potter midnight showing and I am s o o tired today. However, I think I've finally reached my second wind. Yeehaw! Also, the jittery coffee bugs have finally worked their way out of my system. Ha.

This weekend I'm excited to Christmas shop, see a comedy show, and hang out with Kate's family who is in town for Thanksgiving! Plus, I'm going to start packing for vacation next week! I can't wait!

Happy Friday!

[picture/bedroom from here]


yourmom said...

that room is awesome, gorgeous and just outright COOL! i want one like that:)

trisha said...

Christmas shopping! I can't believe it! Here the weather is still I sometimes forget thanksgiving is this week, with Christmas around the corner. crazy....