Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fourth of July

I've been testing a new website at work and my eyes are killing me! And my brain is fizzling into nothingness. (Exaggeration? Yes.) In any event, I thought I'd share some more photos from the Fourth of July.

We went to the Kailua parade (OF COURSE). It was my objective to 1) enjoy myself and 2) collect as much candy as possible. I will tell you that I succeeded at both. And in the midst of yelling things at the parade (yes, AT the parade) everyone else around me was amused, too. (to a horse: "Oh wow, you're SO SPARKLY!") Marissa even came to the parade JUST FOR ME.

I also won (slash was handed) a gecko fan/mask. Dave really liked it.

All in all, it was quite the success. Since it's election year in Hawaii EVERYBODY and their MOTHERS were there campaigning. Everyone who gave out icy pops is going to get my vote for sure. (Kidding. Mostly.) I think the Keizer tent might even be taking up a collection for me to fly back for the parade again next year. Apparently, I'm THAT funny. (Point Ashley.)

At home we (i.e. Dad because I FAIL at pouring them right) whipped up some moscato sunrises and had a backyard bbq. Aren't the drinks pretty?

It's just moscato on the bottom and pinot noir on top. So classy.

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yourmom said...

i'm laughing so hard at the reminder of the sparkly horse comment!