Monday, July 19, 2010

Chasing the sun

Hawaii, first full day. We wake up to rain and clouds and grey. Undaunted, we roll out of bed and head for smoothies. I am confident that it being Hawaii - and Kailua - the sky will clear and we will have a beach day.

A few hours later, still raining and grey. There are a few patches of blue but these keep getting rolled over by big grey clouds. These grey clouds bring rain. Steadily. I am feeling less confident. We decide to wait an hour and see if we can salvage a beach trip out of the day. (Insert applying for jobs and napping here.)

I see blue! Over by Lanikai beach! We quickly don our swimsuits and zip out the door, racing over to Lanikai loop. This usually busy beach isn't very full - bonus for us, thanks to the weather. It's not raining. But it looks pretty nasty over on our left:

We weather a few quick rain spells, hoping that we'll luck out. Half an hour later, this:

Yes, that's the same exact shot, just a half hour later. Incredible right?? We chased the sun and WE WON! To add to all of this, the family who sat next to us on the plane the day before sat RIGHT NEXT TO US on the beach. Small world? Small world. What are the chances?

Hey, we're in Hawaii!

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yourmom said...

what a great story...AMAAAZING!