Thursday, June 24, 2010


We had some serious storms in Chicagoland last night. A severe thunderstorm with tornado warnings alongside it came rolling through. It drenched us, lit us up with lightning, and rolled heavy peals of thunder over us. The tornado sirens went off a few times. Poor Kate got stuck in the worst (and scariest) part of it while driving some kids home. Thankfully we're all fine and our power is still on!

The sky was so dark and scary before the storm fully rolled in and then the lightning spread like spiderwebs. The thunder was louder than I've ever experienced (then again, I am a Hawaii girl. We're not used to that sort of thing.) And then as quickly as the storm rolled in, it rolled out, leaving everything quiet, flooded, and the sky funky colors (like orange). We were so happy when we looked out our back window and a HUGE rainbow stretched across the whole city! Paige captured that last photo of the rainbow from our bedroom window. When we were looking out our window and marveling, we just said to each other, "How can you see that and not believe in God?" After such a scary, powerful storm, all is quiet and a rainbow appears in the sky. Beautiful.

[all photos but the rainbow photo were submitted to the Chicago Tribune.]

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yourmom said...

Awesome...and AMEN!