Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Civic Musical Road

As an integrated advertising campaign, Honda built "The Civic Musical Road" in Lancaster, California. They designed a series of rumble strips over a stretch of road that when driven over at 50 MPH in a Civic, would play the William Tell Overture. Pretty remarkable, right? You can watch the Honda video here. Or search Youtube for "civic musical road" to see individual recordings of the music. Gosh, some people are just so good at math to come up with something like this. (And some people are also pretty good at marketing/advertising to come up with a brilliant campaign like this!)


David Hepburn said...

Pretty cool! Did you know that this is like 10 minutes away from Holly's parent's house?

ashley elizabeth said...

That is the most awesome thing ever. Quite possibly, ever.

yourmom said...

people spend their time in interesting ways. and p.s. if it's so close to the gardner's house why haven't we gone there? let's go!