Friday, July 4, 2008

In honor of the 4th of July...

Tomorrow is the Fourth of July! In light of my love for history and recent reading of 'Mayflower' by Nathaniel Philbrick (HIGHLY recommend it), I wanted to share this picture. My friend recently spent some time in Massachusetts and took this picture of Provincetown Harbor where the pilgrims first landed in 1621. Pretty cool, huh?! Yay history!

Also an added bonus today: A cool Paul Rand poster I found online. Rand is a famous designer who created, among other things, the IBM, ABC, AT&T, and UPS logos. (Those are all three letter acronyms... interesting.) Here's an example of his work that I like.


David Hepburn said...

Except for AT&T. That's......four......characters.......but ANYWAY I see your point. :-)

ashley elizabeth said...

Ashley joy,
did you realize (you probably did) that our blog names are very similar...ashley JOY and ashley ELIZABETH. we really just are two peas in a pod, no?

also, i LOVE that you appreciated my photos and are just as excited about my visits to the land of our fathers as I was. LOVE IT.

also, Beloved is SO GOOD. Let me know what you think. Kinda weird, but SO GOOD. I'm still working on Mayflower.. (my dad kind of stole it...)

what do you think: help me out writing my book about my ancestor from the mayflower? or the one in the revolutionary war? you know what would be fantastic, is if we collaborated on a book together and you made the fantastic graphic designs that are pretty much phenomenal?? you know, in the future and such.