Saturday, July 26, 2008

I'm Motivated

I've finally mustered the motivation to write and post pictures. I know, I know... that's a pretty lame statement. You're probably thinking, "How much effort does it take to click a few buttons and put pictures online?" But let me tell you, it's summer; pretty much anything beyond sleeping requires motivation.

David and Holly came to visit. Dad and I took the week off from work. All five of us went to Lana'i. This small island is home to approximately 3,000 people. It was a wonderful, beautiful, very relaxing vacation. We also goofed off around Kailua. Much fun was had by all.

Note in these pictures how beautiful everything is. Also, in the picture of the rock, if you look closely you'll see that it says "JOHN KUPAU - 11/28/29" the day the foundation was laid for the old lighthouse we were standing on. Pretty cool, eh?


ashley elizabeth said...

i very much like your little icon with your rainboots! ah i can't wait until i can see them in person!

Holly said...

Great pictures! That was so cool to see the writing in the cement from so long ago. Some fun history :)

ashley elizabeth said...

of course. i was thinking first weekend we are there...and then basically until it snows.