Tuesday, May 27, 2008

time for workie

i start my summer job tomorrow morning! i'm doing an internship at chevron for the summer, which i believe will include elements of history and graphic design. perfecto! i should have a better idea of what my position will look like after tomorrow. in the mean time, i'm off to bed since dad and i will be leaving earlier than i would ever wake up... looks like it's back to the high school 5:30 alarm days. wooooo summer job! :)


David Hepburn said...

Well, on the bright side, those early mornings will get you ready for real life. Holly and I wake up around 6 AM every morning. :-) We're excited to hear more about your job as it unfolds.

Holly said...

That is early! How was your first day??

I like how dave said "real life", as if life after college is "real life"... not sure how I feel about that :)

Hope your first day was great!!!