Wednesday, May 7, 2008

7 hours... 12 pages...

Woooooo!! After weeks of researching the Jewish women in the Holocaust, I wrote my big history paper today! It took me seven hours of solid writing, but I got 'er done. :) Twelve pages... that's the most I've ever written - and in one day! Now just one final tomorrow, some packing, and hanging out with people until I go home!

P.S. Here's the first paragraph of my papety-pape:

"The horrors of the Jewish Holocaust are well recognized and well documented. The Nazi’s systematic discrimination, collection, and extermination of Jewish men, women, and children is one of the most reviled events in human history. Genocide, while horrific, is not unique to Nazism. Yet it is the cold, calculated, and widespread nature of the Holocaust that sets it apart. Six million European Jews were murdered in the effort to ‘rid Europe of the plague of International Jewry’ – to paraphrase Hitler. Within studies of the Holocaust, the accounts of men dominate academic literature. In many ways, the male experience has come to be accepted as the ‘normal experience.’ However, Jewish women, while often left out of academic study, have much to say in their accounts of Nazi oppression. According to their stories, the Jewish woman’s experience during World War II and the Holocaust is uniquely female and deserves to be told equally with that of men."

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