Monday, December 13, 2010

Check it out, check it out

It rained and snowed like crazy this weekend. Look at us braving the elements. I got a new coat which is my new favorite thing. It is S.O. W.A.R.M. Seriously, it might change my life. It was -10 this morning and only my face was cold.

If you click here you'll see that my first bookcover is now listed in the UCP online catalog!

Friday was the day where I thought I was almost finished with everything. Saturday and Sunday were days full of Christmas and anniversary celebrations. Today is the day where I realize that I have lots more to do. Not imminently, but it's coming. The next few months will be carazy. (Yes, ca-razy).

Now back to work.


Paige said...

hey nice picture!

Marissa said...

Picture of new coat please!