Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Eddie Aikau

Yesterday was an historic day in Hawaii Nei. Actually in the world. Every year the surf swells on the North Shore and every year should conditions be met, the Eddie Aikau big wave surf contest is held at Waimea Bay. "Conditions" though, are very difficult to meet. The waves must be in the 40 foot range all day. Only eight times in its 25 year history has the contest been held. So yesterday, in the year of its 25th anniversary, Waimea Bay boasted 35-50 foot waves and 20,000+ spectators while surfers caught some of the biggest waves in the world. Californian Greg Long capped his contest win with a perfect score, surfing a wave of 50 feet. The photos are evidence of just how epic a day this was.

Check out the full article on The Honolulu Advertiser for more details. All photos are from there.

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