Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Shoogie Boogie

Interesting things to note:

1. A new Amos Lee album came out this week. That's exciting.
2. I'm going to Kauai on Wednesday for work. I get paid to travel - sweet deal. I'll be working at a golf tournament all day. It will be long, but fun.
3. I am a terrible sun screen applier.
4. The ability to video chat across thousands of miles astounds me. How is that possible and who figured it out??
5. I really like books. I also like people who like books. My boss is well read and it's fun to be able to talk about books we've both read and make recommendations to each other.
6. I like paper-shredders.
7. I've done almost everything possible to reformat my PC at work to look like a Mac. It's kind of fun.
8. I really love my mother.
9. I really love my father, too.
10. Pictures of summer (so far).

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yourmom said...

Additional things to note:
+ Grammy rocks for installing her new printer after midnight on ichat with Dad.
+ I really, really, really love my daughter...more than that even.
+ Grammy told me mothers love their daughters more....hmmm...interesting concept to ponder.
+ I love summer.